My Very Important Thoughts About Eurovision

1. Jedward somehow got good?! I mean, I always expected to enjoy their performance in a special kind of way, but the song was pretty good. Quite Gaga-esque I thought. Great production too.

2. In contrast, the production for Blue's performance was shit. We mock other country's entries for being 'Eurotrashy' but ours was one of the cheapest looking ones there!

3. Moldova... Oh, Moldova. You are what Eurovision is all about. I love you.

4. Graham Norton, you are funny. And quite possibly a bit drunk.

And one for the fact fans: Stereo Mike (from the Greek entry) was one of my brother's lecturers at uni.


  1. Was a disappointing finalé. Italy came close but didn't win and Moldova was nowhere. Boo.

  2. It was Eurovision?? I missed this?? Where have I BEEN? I'm assuming we lost?
    I saw the Blue entry on Graham Norton's show, and I really can't remember how it went. Obviously highly memorable.

    Reading your cheese and chocolate comment, I thought it was going to end in something along the lines of you WERE sent to school with cheese and chocolate sandwiches. The thought makes me shudder somewhat.

    Random sidenote: have you ever tried that cheese with toffee in it? I think Morrisons sold it for a while. It might have been cheddar, I'm not too sure. Anyway, if you haven't, then DON'T. It will haunt you, and not in the good way.

  3. Cheese with toffee sounds so, so wrong. Although if I saw it I'd be tempted to try some, in the same way that I'm often tempted to activate fire alarms or put my head through narrow banisters. Just me?

    Wenslydale and cranberries, however, now that's a tasty cheese.


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