WAMK: That's a bit more like it.

This is the second week of my 'Where Are My Knees?' pledge, and things are definitely going a little better.

This week I:

Walked 3 miles home from the hospital. FOR THE LAST TIME. Go me.

Went to a BODYBALANCE (I'm not shouting, that's how they spell it on the programme) class at my local leisure centre. I was hoping I might be able to cheat a bit because 'it's only a bit of stretching' but it was hard work. Muscles that I had long forgotten about (abs, anyone?) were literally shaking by the end. Still, I think it'll be great for toning up and I'm definitely going to keep going.

Played football with my friend's four year old. This was surprisingly hard work, and I was shamefully competitive. Ahem.

Went swimming, and actually counted my lengths this time (I managed 40). I really didn't want to go but did feel much better for having done it!

There are some food-related things that I feel a bit (OK, very) guilty about this week, but this isn't really about weight loss, so I'm not going to bore you with all that crap! Plus, it's nice to keep things positive, right?

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