WAMK: Could Do Better.

In case you're wondering, WAMK stands for Where Are My Knees (although I could, reasonably enough, also be declaring myself to be WANK).


The first week of my pledge. I did OK. Just OK, unfortunately. I walked home from hospital three times (it's about 3 miles, so that's pretty good, although it's not exactly EXTRA exercise). I also did a Tai Chi session, which I really got into this week, so I reckon that definitely counts.

This week I'm going to make a more concerted effort (I AM). Two swims at least, plus something else which I'll come up with during the week.



  1. woohoo you can do it :) it's all about small steps that add up to make a big change. I've started getting off the bus a stop earlier and standing at the counter in work instead of sitting and playing on the wii fit loads, next step will be proper exercise in the gym.
    If you're on twitter you can follow me and wamk on there for some extra support.
    Gem from WAMK xx

  2. Thank you for the much needed encouragement! xx


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