Ms Motivator?

Where Are My Knees?

Having spent the last few weeks reading diet/exercise blog 'Where Are My Knees?' while sitting on the sofa and using my non-scrolling hand to stuff food into my mouth, I've decided it might be time to join in the fun. By 'fun', I mean 'doing things that I know are good for me but that I usually neglect to do.'

Exercise has been constantly recommended to me to help with the depression. I know it will probably work, at least a bit, and now that my motivation is returning I need to start helping myself a bit more.

So, as of today, I will (try to) exercise at least three times per week. Wish me luck.


  1. Where the hell is my comment? Or are you going all Stalin on me?

    I said:

    Better get the doctor to sort your hip out then. Oh and get your walking shoes on.

  2. This is a good idea, good luck :) I recently started doing a similar but more general thing, where I introduce (or give up) something for a week, and then decide if I can stick with it. I'm really enjoying it :)

  3. That sounds interesting... What have you given up so far? x

  4. I gave up make-up (, and that became permanent; I tried meditation ( - that didn't stick; I started praying and reading my Bible ( - making that permanent too; this week I'm drinking lots more water. Walking is one I plan to try too :) x


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