Family Fortunes

On Sunday Channel 4 screened 'Meet the Middletons' - "A visit to the front rooms of Kate Middleton's relatives, showing the life she might have lived but for a few twists of fate, in an intriguing story of social mobility." Although I didn't bother watching it, from what I can gather it basically involved visiting Kate Middleton's distant relatives and digging up whatever dirt they could.

Now, Kate doesn't really need my pity, but in this case I feel sorry for her. Images of some of my own family members immediately flashed before my eyes. In particular, my Dad's cousin. When I was a child, every birthday card would be accompanied by a handwritten, six page letter, which would outline, in excruciating detail, her day's activities. Her life was not, needless to say, particularly exciting. When she turned 60, she sent out invites to her "birthday bash" (the quote marks are hers, not mine). Every guest was to bring a leaf with them, which the attached to a "family tree" at the beginning of the "party" (the quote marks are mine, not hers). The action ended promptly at 5pm when she announced that we all had to leave in the next four minutes so that the church hall could be cleaned.

Every family has them. Think about your own crazy aunt/uncle/cousin. Now imagine them on national TV. Talking about YOU. Poor Kate.


  1. Hahaha that sounds like an amazing "party"! Genius.

  2. It truly was! I seem to remember that the food was quite good, but apart from that... Oh and the local vicar was invited too. x

  3. Classic memory there. Laughed out loud about your speech marks comments! Beautiful.


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