Every girl dreams of becoming a princess?


Don't get me wrong, I love a good royal wedding themed TV spin-off (Come Dine With My Big Fat Royal Gypsy Wedding Crashers, anyone?). However, during the last week or so I've heard and read a lot of the following phases being tossed around on TV/in magazines/on radio phone-ins:

"Every girl dreams of becoming a princess."
"Every woman, from when they are a teenager, dreams of having a big white wedding."
"[Becoming princess] is something to aspire to."
"[The perfect wedding] is every little girl's dream."


Since when was it OK to start flinging around this casually, yet insidiously, sexist shit?

Girls should aspire to be scientists or doctors or lawyers or amazing Mums or to travel the world or.... Or anything that gives them an individual identity. They should not aspire to be, essentially, WAGS.

Yes, I am married. Yes, I love my husband. Yes, I enjoyed my wedding day. But it was exactly that- ONE DAY. Not the pinnacle of my life's achievements. Not something that defined me (or worse, validated me) as a person.

Confessions: I did not dress up as a bride when I was a child. I did not draw cutesy pictures of myself in a veil. I did not fantasise about Prince Bloody Charming. Surely I'm not unique in this? Let's face it, there are way better things for women to aspire to then being the perfect bride.

I may well get accused of taking flippant comments too seriously, but this is important to me. Women deserve to be defined by their own achievements and aspirations, not by those of their husband.


I'd love to hear what you think...