God, I love biscuits.

I really do, perhaps a little too much. I just ate five chocolate digestives (what can I say? It started off as two). In honour of this pure, biscuity, chocolately, slightly guilt-ridden love I have decided to regale you with a list of my top five biscuits.* Lucky you. I like to put these things together just so I know, y'know? It takes me a long time to decide and I like to be prepared so that when, inevitably, someone asks me what my favourite biscuit is, I have an answer to hand. And not just any old answer, the correct answer. Cos there's nothing worse than having a proper think about it later and realising that you accidentally told a biscuit-based lie.

So here it is:
1. McVites Milk Chocolate Digestive.
2. McVites HobNob. Must be non-choclatey. The chocolate HobNob was, to be honest a bitter disappointment to me because I thought it would be the ultimate biscuit, yet something was missing. I think it had a slightly salty taste, but I can't really remember because I can't bring myself to try another one. To be fair, it's probably a perfectly nice biscuit.
3. Fox's Golden Crunch Creams. Just mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
4. Bourbons (any brand).
5. Marks and Spencers White Chocolate Shortcake Ring. I think you can only get it in a selection pack. Good excuse to eat a selection pack.

* For the purposes of this list, 'biscuit' is defined as a flat, sweet snack that can be purchased in a cylindrical packet and 'snaps' in two when you break it. So no big cookies (the kind you get in the bakery section of the supermarket), no lunchbox bars (Clubs, Penguins) and definitely NO BLOODY JAFFA CAKES.


  1. Thanks, that took some serious thought. And I still have a nagging feeling that I've probably left something out...

  2. 1, 2 and 3: yes yes yes! And I agree about the Hobnob. It sounds like the ultimate biscuit, yet.... I'll stick with the chocolate digestive for the chocolate fix. Number 5: I've seen the milk chocolate shortcake rings in packets, but not the white ones. We got one of them selections over Christmas, and DROOL...M&S are generous with the chocolate on their biscuits.

    I have to take issue with number 4, though. I can't stand Bourbons....they're just so...wrong... :S Penguins are a little wrong, too. As for Clubs, do they still come in the silver paper with the outer-paper wrapper (they did when I had them in my lunchbunch ALL THE TIME in Primary 2...) or have they been upgraded to all plastic like Kit Kats? Are we not allowed foil anymore?? Hmm...

  3. I think Clubs still come with foil... I haven't had one for years though! I was gutted when KitKats went plastic; half the fun was rubbing your finger over the foil so you could see the word 'KitKat' through it. Or was that just my school?!

  4. Haha...I think that was a universal thing. Same with Breakaway bars...
    Then (and this isn't a biscuit) there was the epic task of unwrapping the Creme Egg and smoothing out the paper with no tears...

    I was a tad drunk at the time when I discovered KitKats no longer came in foil, which kind of heightened the disappointment. They were the only edible food our student pub sold, and I was hungry. I refused to eat it out of protest, and probably drowned my sorrows in more cider...

    I mean, wasn't a huge part of their advertising focused around being able to slip the paper off, then run your nail down the groove, tearing the foil, and then snapping it??
    Obviously I still haven't forgiven them...


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