Travel Wishlist

This will definitely be one of those lists that gets longer, rather than shorter.

In no particular order:
  1. Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Despite being brought up on the Great British Holiday, I have never been to Scotland. So you'll have to forgive the massive inaccuracy in the previous sentence, but 'Great English and Welsh Holiday' wasn't really catchy enough. Yes, I know it'd be crowded and full of thesps, but I WANNA GO!
  2. Glastonbury Festival. Despite being a live music affectionado in years gone by, I have never been to Glastonbury. Yes, I know it'd be crowded and full of aging hippies/indie kids (and I do mean kids), but I WANNA GO!
  3. Trans-Siberian Express. I've wanted to do this since I was about 17, and visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg has only added to the want. For those who are interested, my preferred route is the most popular: Moscow - Ulaanbaatar - Beijing. With some extra Russian stops along the way. Ideally I'd then like to move onto...
  4. North Korea. Actually, I think this could be an extremely grey sort of experience. But what an opportunity, even if it was just to gain an insight into the ultimate state propaganda tour. I met an Irish man in Tallinn who'd been; he said it was like walking through a cult, except the whole country is in it. Which is exactly like you'd expect I guess, but he described it in a way that made me want to see it for myself.
  5. Norwegian Mega Tour. Now this is a relatively sensible option. One big condition of this is that I'd like to do it with my fiance, so I can show him all the places I went to/lived in/wanted to visit but didn't quite get round to seeing. Highlights: Oslo-Bergen railway; Bergen itself; Trondheim; STEINKJER; Lierne (well, only if my friend will show us around, otherwise it'll be a bit lonely); Lofoten Islands; Tromsø. Ideally I'd like to do this now. Right now.
  6. InterRailing. This ticks several boxes: collecting even more European countries; taking advantage of only being able to purchase the 'youth' ticket for another 23 months (and counting...); spending lots of time on trains; weight loss following the inevitable stress that trying to figure out all those timetables will bring.
I realise that this list is not a) exhaustive or b) interesting, but I feel that writing it down somehow makes it more likely to happen. One day...

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