The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

'What's your favourite book?'
'The God of Small Things.'

You know when you have a book that you always say is your favourite, even though, if you're honest, you read it so long ago that you barely remember the plot? It's a boring answer to a boring question, and you can sort of remember enjoying it at the time?

That was definitely the case for me and this book. I read it for a seminar group when I was at uni. I knew it was good, but I'd more or less forgotten what it was about. Until this week.

Re-reading a 'favourite' book is always a slightly scary prospect (I scare easy, it's true.) What if it's not as good as you remembered? What if it's new-found inadequacies reflect upon the poor choice-making abilities of your former self? What if the whole thing just turns out to be a waste of time? Luckily, The God of Small Things turned out to be fantastic second time around. Readable and engaging; intriguing and thought-provoking without being inaccessible or pretentious. The ease with which Roy seamlessly, yet realistically, manages to connect the events of one fortnight, in one family (the 'small things'), with just about every 'big thing' going is mind blowing.

Read it. It's really, honestly my favourite book.

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