The Times They Are A Changing.

I'm very excited about the next month or so. Well, excited and feeling a slight sense of disbelief that everything actually came together. As the previous entry suggests, I do tend to blame all failure on myself and all success on the rare and mysterious presence of 'good luck' or 'fluke'.

I've decided this is bollocks.

If I was advising a friend, I would tell them that if they're going to blame myself for the bad things they should also take pride in the good things. So, yay me, I got an awesome job and we're moving to a new flat and I'm getting a free weekend in Cardiff in return for talking about myself (yes, that would be more EU money).

All this self-congratulation does leave me feeling a bit uncomfortable, but I'm going to have to get used to it. No more wallowing in low self-esteem. It's time to stop. Stop relying on people to give me ego boosts and stop being my biggest critic.

(I'm scared.)

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