I went to see Taken last night (I’m living in a small town in Norway, in case you’re wondering why it took me so long). Plot holes aside (French people speaking English to each other, two teenage girls being desperate to follow U2 around Europe) it was, well, still very average. However, it did dawn on me that it’s not only pretty American teenagers that need rescuing from sexual slavery. I’m confident that a documentary about desperate twenty-something women from Eastern Europe being forced to work as prostitutes in UK brothels wouldn’t do quite so well at the box office.

If it feels like I’m giving a lecture here it’s because I am. To myself. A year ago I went to a talk about modern slavery at the Bath Literary Festival, so I guess that makes me at least as informed as the next person about the plight of these women. And what had I, a proud feminist, done about it in the meantime? Fuck all.

As I often do in these, and by 'these' I mean 'all', situations I turned to google. Finding something I could actually do, especially because I'm not living in the UK at the moment, was a suprisingly slow process. antislavery.org's current human trafficking campaign (http://www.antislavery.org/homepage/campaign/uk.htm) centres around the right of the trafficked victim to compensation in order to aid their physical, social and emotional recovery. That's a start I guess. E-mail to Jacqui Smith? Check. Still, there must be something more.

Research. Knowledge is power, blah blah. Won't hurt to actually know what I'm talking about, will it? Moment of realisation: I don't really know that much about the issues that I claim are important to me. Enough to have a quick debate on the walk from the cinema to my flat, sure, but not enough to start taking action. That's my homework sorted then...

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