Honeymooning: Langkawi, Malaysia

Me: 'I keep getting Facebook Memories from our honeymoon.'
Pete: 'Really? What honeymoon?'
Hashtag married life.

Despite the fact that my husband seemingly can't remember it, a year ago today we arrived on the island of Langkawi, which seemed like it would be a perfect relaxed ending to our trip, having already visited hectic Kuala Lumpur and explored the sights of George Town.

It turned out to be mostly very relaxing with a couple of terrifying (to me) moments. Let's start with the relaxing bits - there's enough terrifying moments in the world, amirite?

Langkawi beach

After arriving in our resort, it became clear that we had a difficult decision to make:

Berjaya Langkawi Pool

Given that I usually spend my time pondering questions such as, is it ethical to bring a child into the world/will my net contribution to the planet be a positive or a negative one/are we all going to die soon, 'Beach or pool' was a much less stressful dilemma. Especially as it turned out that some of the sun loungers were about five metres from both, so decision making wasn't even that necessary.

Malaysia Beach

After 10 days of doing all of the Malaysian cultural things, we arrived in Langkawi and became full-on, unapologetic resort rats. Why wouldn't you? It was beautiful, and peaceful, and completely relaxing.

Berjaya Langkawi Sea

Beach Bar

The obligatory smug 'not a bad Monday lunchtime view' photo that you just have to post on Facebook, in case you had some casual acquaintances that didn't already hate you.

Malaysia Beach

We did manage to venture out of the resort a couple of times (promise). Once was a super-humid walk to the Seven Wells Waterfall.

Seven Wells Waterfall

Now, these are all lovely photos, but I know what you're thinking: she promised us pure fear. Well, most of this fear came about on our second venture outside of the resort: to the SkyCab cable cars.

Having survived the funicular in Penang, I figured I'd be fine, but um, these cable cars were terrifying. I present to you the evidence:

SkyCab Langkawi

Luckily the views made it worth it, even if I was too scared to actually speak, smile or breathe during the ride itself. Pete assures me that he felt perfectly safe (but then he is one of life's optimists).

Once we'd reached the top, it was time to relax and forget about the danger of falling to our deaths BY WALKING ALONG THE WORLD'S LONGEST FREE SPAN BRIDGE.

SkyBridge Langkawi

Honestly, I'm not really sure why I agreed to that. There was another source of fear for me/hilarity for Pete that came in the form of monkeys. Let's just say, we abandoned our mangrove walk pretty quickly and I am no Michaela Strachen.

In a bid to end this post on a more relaxing note, here are some beautiful sunsets:

Langkawi Sunset

So there we are: Langkawi, the end of our Malaysian honeymoon. The whole thing feels like a distant dream-like memory now so it's nice to mentally transport myself back to the beaches and the pool. Not the bridge though, I can live without reliving that.

I feel so grateful that we were able to take that trip and make those memories together (even if only one of us, and Facebook, can really recall them)! 

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