[2017: 44] Boxing, Cake Fails and Friday Favourites

The Week With The

I ended up watching the boxing last weekend and it really surprised me. Or maybe I surprised myself: I actually enjoyed it. I felt awful because, jeez, it looks painful but also it's...exciting? I feel kinda bad for enjoying it. 

...baby names. 
We were given two baby name books this week, so promptly set about creating a short list. The 'short' list had 22 names on it, and we've now managed to get it down to 10. So that's...progress? This baby had better make it to full term because there are a lot of name debates to fit in over the next few weeks.

Easy Vegan Cupcakes

...cupcake disaster.

I attempted the oldest vegan baking trick in the book; cake mix with a can of coke. I figured it would be an easy way to make a cake, and it was...until I tried to take it out of the tin. It actually tasted good, it just wasn't very whole. Still, I rebranded the whole thing as 'Cupcake Eton Mess' and it worked. Well, it tasted good anyway. Substance over style, or something.

...antenatal realness.
The appointments are really ramping up now; I had a hospital appointment on Wednesday, an NHS antenatal class yesterday and this weekend it's NCT time. I also bought a load of stuff for my (as yet unpacked) hospital bag. The whole thing is starting to feel a lot more real; regardless of how it turns out, a baby will be coming out of me at some point in the next two months. I'm sometimes positive about this, sometimes incredibly anxious.

Well, that's me! How was your week?

Friday Favourites Blog Posts

Hayley's set up a #BBBlogLove November challenge over on Bonjour, Blogger which I am all about, so here's this week's favourite posts:

Japan for Beginners - Being Erica
This post took me right back to my Tokyo trip, and it's full of excellent tips for anyone who's travelling to/fantasising about travelling to Japan.

Vegan Spider Web Tray Bake - Miss Pond
I'm desperate to try Emma's vegan red velvet recipe - it can't turn out any worse than my cupcakes, right?!

Who Will I Be Once I Become a Mum? - Hannah Gale
Although we obviously have quite different lives, I definitely related to the feeling of entering the unknown when it comes to having a baby. It's so bizarre to have no idea what life will look like in a few months' time.

I want to expand my blog reading list, so pleeeease tell me your favourites. 

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