February's #PhotoAnHour: Brighton in Close Up

Another month, another Photo an Hour day.  I've done a photo an hour day in Brighton before, so I figured close ups might make this one a bit different. I think it worked. I'll let you judge (because I'm nice like that).

9.30: You can never have too many prints.

10.30: Packing. You really can't have too many prints.

11.30: The Beauty Myth

12.30: Even chipped paint looks better in Brighton.

 1.30: The inevitable chips.

2.30: The first sunny days are always the best sunny days.
[try to ignore terrifying global warming context]

3.30: Plants near the Pavillion

4.30: Shopping. You really, really can't have too many prints.

6.30: Zine reading after my Pen Fight order arrived super quick.

7.30: Pre-dinner beer. Love me a wheat beer.

8.30: Vegan pizza goodness.

9.30: Mmmmm

11.30: Much-needed

And some bonus Sunday not-so-humble-brags:

Hole in one.

Another (hole in) one.

I was red. Obviously (or I wouldn't have taken the photo).

Finally, my kind of positive affirmation:

(Thanks Jane and Louisa for your Photo An Hour organising skillz.)