The London List

Ah, London. The best and worst thing about London is that you can never do everything. I've been in (outer) London for nearly eight years now and there is still so much I need to get around to seeing. Now that we're seriously contemplating moving away, a sense of urgency is creeping up on me. So, here's the list of London-y things that I still really, really, really want to do:

Do a 'Hidden London' tour of an abandoned tube station. I love the London Underground and I really want to have this experience. Actually, putting this on the list is a little bit of a cheat, because in June last year I spent three hours in a virtual queue, and in March we'll be touring the Clapham South deep level shelter. Fingers crossed it'll be worth the wait!

Have a cream tea at the Fan Museum in Greenwich. I've heard it's a great cream tea, and who doesn't love perusing 'the first museum dedicated to fans'?! OK, maybe we'll just have the cream tea. It's no secret that I'm partial to a cream tea.

Have my photo taken on Platform 9 3/4. And visit the shop, obviously. 

While I'm there, I could (haha) get a Eurostar to Paris. This is the most far-fetched item on the list, but as I love trains, it has to at least go on the list.

Swim outdoors, either in the Serpentine or a lido. This is obviously weather-dependent; I'm not completely nuts (when it comes to outdoor swimming anyway).

Visit the Science Museum. I went once, before I even lived in London, and didn't make it any further than the ground floor. Museum fail.

Visit the British Library. This definitely comes under the category of, 'Seriously Liz, why have you not done this yet?' 

Do a tour of Highgate Cemetery.

Visit the National Gallery. Actually, I don't know if it's any good, but it feels like something I should actually do!

This list has basically just turned into an expose of weird stuff I like: trains, graveyards, cake and books. I'm at peace with that. Hit me up with your London must-dos, I'm sure there'll be stuff I haven't put on the list...

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