Overwhelmed by Ideas

You know the story: January 1st rolls around and suddenly your feed is full of everyone else's resolutions (except they're called goals now). Honestly, it all leaves me a bit overwhelmed and left behind. It's not that I don't have any ideas about what my own resolutions goals should be, it's more that I have about 54637 ideas and I'm not convinced any of them are any good.

I often feel this way. Creatively, I feel like I don't really push myself very much; I don't make much effort to develop my blog, I've never managed more than 3000 words of a novel, I have more unfinished sewing projects than...someone with a lot of unfinished sewing projects. I've written before about how I want to take action, to live by my politics, and sometimes I do, but often I find excuses not to. 

Too often, fear gets in the way. I'll have an idea, play around with it in my head, get excited, start thinking about how it could fail, convince myself it will fail, move onto another idea, play around with it in my head....rinse, lather, repeat. Round and round the vicious circle I go.

I want 2017 to be the year that I actually try. The year that I chose some of the better ideas, focus on them and (most importantly) actually DO them. Which, neatly, leads me onto my word for 2017:


This year I want to try and bring a couple of ideas to fruition. They might fail, I might fail, but failing is way better than being to scared to try in the first place (or so I'll be trying to tell myself this year). At least then I can move onto something different, until I find something that works. Screw you, fear.

Yep, I totally lured you into reading another '2017 goals' post, I'm an awful person.

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