Honeymooning: Kuala Lumpur

Two months ago we were in Malaysia on honeymoon. The time has flown by so I figured it was probably time I actually shared some of the pictures. The process of sorting through hundreds of photos has really made me wish we were back there, but, y'know, home's nice too *desperately tries to convince herself of this fact*

We spent the first four nights of our trip in Kuala Lumpur, so without further ado here's the pics:

Whenever anyone's asked me how the honeymoon was, my first response has been, 'The food was AMAZING'. Not sure what that says about me (or Pete for that matter) but it really, really was. Malaysia has big Chinese and South Indian populations, so there's a real mix of food. So obviously these posts will be littered with food pictures. Obviously. We kicked off with Chinese food from the Lot 10 food court.

Monday arrived and we kicked off the trip with a hop-on-hop-off bus tour. I'm not normally a massive fan of them but Pete is and apparently marriage is about this thing called compromise. Who knew? Anyway, it turned out to be a good way to see the city and figure out where stuff actually was. It also turned out to be a good way to get a hefty dose of KL traffic pollution straight to the throat, but you can't win 'em all.

First stop: Botanic Gardens and the Butterfly Park.

Second stop: Dataran Merdeka and the Sultan Samad Abdul Building. All the colonial stuff makes me feel pretty uncomfortable to be honest, but I did enjoy the contrast between the super-modern and Victorian-style buildings.

Third stop (I think): KL Tower. I really liked the tower - although it was a bit unnerving having to sign a legal disclaimer before visiting the level that was open to the air.

This was the scariest glass floor I've ever stood on. I think because it was part of a box that jutted out from the actual tower, rather than part of the floor itself. Seriously, it was awful. If it wasn't for my holiday tradition of feeling the fear and doing it anyway I would not have stood there.

Once I recovered from Tuesday morning's #TrumpPanic, we dragged ourselves into a taxi (don't judge, KL is not pedestrian friendly) and to the Islamic Arts Museum. 

The building was absolutely stunning, and I took approximately 675 photos of domes, jewellery, wall tiles, clothes, swords, fountains... Seriously, it was stunning, and so peaceful. I think I needed it to heal my shattered brain.

Next up was a walk (along non-existent pavements and in extreme heat) to Little India. 

Vegetable thali FTW.

After cowering from a pretty epic downpour. we headed to...

...the Petronas Towers! 

Our final day in Kuala Lumpur was probably my favourite. First up: Batu Caves (top tip: don't pay for a tour, the train is mega-easy).

(This holiday did not ease my fear of animals.)

Temple Cave

We did a tour of the Dark Cave which I would definitely recommend - this is the cave that is protected and the tour taught me loads about the snakes, bats and assorted creepy crawlies that live in there. Also our tour guide was hilarious and made the best use of similes ever.

Once evening came it was time for the thing I'd been looking forward to the most...

We booked this before we went and IMO it was so worth the money. There were three of us on the tour, and our guide took us to a hawker centre, a food market and an Indian cafe, all of which we would never have discovered or ventured to alone. Yes, that is deep-fried Oreo ice cream you can see...

Told you I am all about the food. 

Next up (once I've finished drooling over the photos): Penang,

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