Yes, It's a Blog Post About Blogging.

I’ve been thinking about blogging recently. Specifically about what I want to do with this blog. In my head I went through a brief phase of thinking I should find a niche (Mental health? Books? Travel? Food? London? TV?) and get serious, turn this into something that could start bringing opportunity, something that could bring me a bit of part-time freelance moo-lah in the future. I had the ideas, the start of the vision, but…. My heart wasn’t in it.

Basically, I’m someone who values downtime (as in, actual brain-dead downtime, not ‘hobby blogging’ for three hours every evening after work) and the thought of putting in that much time just doesn’t really appeal to me. I like being able to blog intermittently, about what I like, with poor quality photos and swear-y, ellipsis-filled chat.

I think these days it’s really tempting to fall into a trap of thinking that a blog needs to be a certain thing. Especially now that IRL people understand (sort of) what a blog is. It’s easy to fall into a trap, thinking that you haven’t got a real blog if you don’t get paid/receive free stuff/have perfect photos/know what your DA score is. I should know, I actually contemplated getting some wallpaper samples to use as photo backgrounds (it’s ok, I pulled myself back from the brink).

I guess the thing is to create something that you’re proud of. And really only you can be the judge of that. Me? I’m proud of ranting, talking about my mental health, documenting the little things and making lovely, like-minded Internet Friends. And you? If you’re proud of the same stuff, that’s awesome, let’s be Internet Friends. And if you’re proud of make up reviews and wishlists, then that is genuinely great. I might not read it, but that’s fine because we’re on The Internet and The Internet is bloody massive.

I appear to have written a whole post about how nothing’s going to change around here. C’est la vie.