The BoPo Diaries: 10 Ideas For Getting Body Positive #MyBoPoChallenge

Following Monday's Body Positivity rant/post, I've decided to set myself a challenge. I think the best way to tackle these things is normally with small steps. But what small steps? You want me to write a list? OK, if you insist. 

I'll take any excuse to write a list. Here's my ideas for stuff that I (well, we, if you're up for it) could start doing now:

Make a list of all the stuff your body can do, either on paper (or on internet) or in your head. Remind yourself of these things and thank your body. Yes, really.

Wear stuff that you love, and wear it unapologetically. 

Read some Body Positive books. I'm going to start with The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf, but there's a great list of other BoPo books here (Jes Baker's Things No-One Will Tell Fat Girls is also on my ever-growing 'to read' list).

Exercise or move because of how it makes you feel, not how it might make you look.

Follow some BoPo heroes on Instagram. Regularly seeing photos of women looking amazing at all sizes will start to do wonders for your own self-confidence. I've got a post about this planned for next week if you need some ideas for people to start following....

On that note: Post photos of yourself on social media. Not with apologetic 'ignore the belly rolls but....' captions, but just photos of you looking awesome. Flaunt the fat/cellulite/scars/wrinkles/stretch marks. I think half the problem is that we rarely see pictures of unfiltered bodies that we can identify with.

Don't bitch about other people's bodies. Ever. We've probably all done it (I have, when I really hate someone) and it just exacerbates a problem that ends up hurting all of us. On that note - challenge other people's comments.

If you don't identify as fat - be a good thin ally

Talk to people. Share how you feel. Often body shaming feels worse when you keep it inside.

This one might be a bit extreme, but reclaim your body. Get an awesome tattoo in a place you used to hate.

Who wants to join me? It's just a case of picking some thing that you think will help make you feel more positively about your body, and doing it. That's it. Take photos, blog, tweet, post on Insta... If you want to use the #MyBoPoChallenge hashtag too that would be awesome. that way I can find things and share them. Feel free to use the image above too if you blog about it.

LET'S DO THIS. Let's inspire each other. Let's enable each other to start loving ourselves and then start getting other shit done. Because there is a lot of shit to get done, and telling myself horrible things about my body isn't on my to do list anymore.

P.S. Please tell me what I've missed off my list!

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