Sea, Trains and Ridiculous Chocolate: July's Photo An Hour

Check me out: a Photo An Hour post up within a week of the actual day! I know, I know, I'm incredible. Jane and Louisa's Photo An Hour day for this month was a pretty eventful one for me (well, if you like trains, which I definitely do). 

9am: Surprisingly, I wore blue and polka dots. Very on-brand.

10am: Errands aren't so painful when the sun is shining.

11am: On the tram to Croydon (to get on the train to Brighton). No 12pm photo because I was on super-busy train and I didn't want to look creepy. Soz.

1pm: Exploring the Lanes. Sadly the sun had gone in, but happily there were many, many shops to explore. I definitely want to come back for some Christmas shopping (although I am busy every weekend in November so that might be an ambitious plan!)

2pm: Burgers (vegetarian, obvs) and cocktails were the order of the day. I went for this alcoholic slush puppy thang and it was as awesome as it looks (very awesome).

3pm: Back to the Lanes and we stopped to stare at the window display in Choccywoccydoodah. How is this made of chocolate?! Incredible.

4pm: My friend's sandals were rubbing her feet so we stopped for cake (any excuse!). And the sun actually started to reappear....

5pm: Brighton beach! 6pm was spent reluctantly heading back to the station ready for my next train journey....

7pm: Trainlife. This time, heading for Bournemouth to meet Pete. I had snacks and Harry Potter so it was two hours well-spent.


8pm: Still on the train, playing with Boomerang this time.

9pm: Bournemouth! Finally! It appears that I was all about the seaside towns beginning with B....

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