One Normal Weekend, Ten Things That Made Me Happy #thislittlebiglife

In recent times my posts have become pretty sporadic and the upshot of that is that I've stopped documenting the little things. Inspired by Janet's list of 50 things that make her happy and Sarah's This Little Big Life posts, I decided to try and write something that focused on the little, awesome, gloriously inconsequential things. Here's what's made me happy last weekend:

Cold strawberry and lime cider (and comedy Snapchat filters).

Bumping into friends.

Finding an amazing view.

Making and eating the perfect avocado and cheery tomatoes on toasted muffin breakfast. Basic. Don't care.

Waking up before my alarm went off on Sunday and getting to the gym.

Doing my first 15 minute Headspace meditation. It felt really good to do it. I've actually finished the 'take 10' sessions and recently I've found it's really clicked for me. More on that another time.

Having my first Pimms of the summer (even if it was in a can).

Finding a new picnic spot in Crystal Palace Park (even if it did start to rain).

Eating picnic food. I love picnic food.

Hammock time!

Always good to focus on the little things, right? In the spirit of keeping this rare show of positivity going, tell me some of the little things that have made you happy recently (please).

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