April's Photo an Hour: Bluebells, Cider and the First Ice Cream of the Year #BEDM

Well, I don't think I'm going to win any prizes for actually completing Blog Every Day in May, am I?! How is is already 8th May..? Still, better late (and completely off topic) that never, right?

Two weeks ago was a Photo an Hour day, ably organised by Louisa and Jane. My Saturday actually turned out to be pretty photogenic (in my opinion, obviously you're free to disagree - I'm nice like that).

12.30pm: Driving to the South Downs.
OK, so it took me a while to remember that it was a Photo An Hour day.

1.30pm: Enjoying the fresh air and a l l  t h e  s p a c e.

This wasn't on the hour, but it was far too brilliantly gruesome to leave un-photographed.

2.30pm: Sheeps!

Next, onto my favourite bit of the walk, and the reason why we decided to come back after doing it last year... The bluebells!

3.30pm: It's not a country walk unless it finishes at a pub. 
Sadly they'd stopped serving food, so we were left with only one option...

4.30pm: Fish and chips!
Detour to Eastbourne = proper fish and chips. Followed by...

The first ice cream of the year! Seriously, it was a gooooood food day.

5.30pm: Couldn't look less fun if it tried.

6.30pm: This is the best bit of motorway ever. Seriously, it's always quiet.

7.30pm: Marvelling at the fact that it was still light.

8.30pm: Bubbles are for life, not just for honeymoons.

9.30pm: Everything is awesome!

So, yeah, busy day! I love it when Photo An Hour actually falls on a busy day; I feel like I'm letting the side down a bit when I spent all day on the sofa hungover.

If you're doing Blog Every Day in May, or you joined in with Photo An Hour, please send me your links!

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