My 16 Best Memories of 2015

Firstly a confession: I totally stole this idea from Andrea and Janet (it's ok, they gave me permission). I just loved the idea of compiling a post of my favourite memories, the big ones and the small ones all mixed up together. It's also super useful because I was pretty lazy about updating my blog during parts of last year. D'oh.

In no particular order, we have:

Laughing a lot at Fee's hen do.

Drinking wine and exchanging Secret Santa gifts with the Fake Christmas ladiez.

Going to my first job interview in six years.

Throwing some shapes with Fee at her wedding. She did not let the dress impede her moves.

Trying an oyster for the first time at Borough Market. I planned a day out in London for Pete's birthday; it included drinking cider on a boat, eating oysters and doughnuts and seeing a whale's vagina. Diverse.

Pete proposing. I would have a photo of the actual moment if I'd pressed the button properly.

Dancing to The Prodigy in the pouring rain at Isle of Wight Festival.

Singing the shark song on my last day at school.

Having a day at my new job where three clients things worked out well and I felt an incredible sense of pride at having, albeit temporarily, helped people.

Watching my Mum romp to victory in Cards Against Humanity (she played a blinder with the 'three dicks at the same time' card).

Dancing to Keep on Movin' being mixed into Disco 2000 at a 90s night with Pete.

Working up the nerve to ride on an inflatable doughnut in Kos.

Getting on my first ever long-haul flight.

Doing karaoke in Tokyo.

Seeing Maximo Park perform A Certain Trigger all the way through.

Eating afternoon tea with Amy and Beth in Cardiff.

Looking through my photos I've realised that there's loads of things I've missed off: going to Hastings for my birthday, visiting Portsmouth, wedding/bridesmaid dress shopping, ice skating (twice), NYE, visiting Dreamland in Margate, volunteering, getting a hammock... Good year!

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