12 Lists of Christmas: My 8 Favourite Bits of Christmas 2015

Spying a Christmas Eve rainbow. Incidentally, was anyone else ever told as a kid that simultaneous rain and sunshine means it's a monkey's birthday? Pete was.

Having a leisurely wake up with A Christmas Carol. It's kind of hard to read it without imagining the muppets and Michael Caine.

Conquering preset mountain.

Hanging out with The Family. It's the first time we've all been together for Christmas Day and it was noice.

Seeing what Santa brought me. Yeah, I'm 29, what of it?

 Opening a Lindor that is as big as my, admittedly large, head.

 Eating cold roast potatoes topped with salted caramel sauce. And then eating them again for breakfast on Boxing Day.

Playing Cards Against Humanity for the first time. My Mum won after playing the 'Three dicks at the same time.' card beautifully.

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