12 Lists of Christmas: 6 Ways to Feel Christmassy

I've read a few blog posts recently where people have bemoaned not really feeling very 'Christmassy' yet. As the (admittedly self-proclaimed) Queen of Christmas, I thought I should share some tips.

 Bake a Christmas cake! Hey, it wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't link to my Christmas cake baking post! Baking a Christmas cake has now become a firm tradition for me and the smell really does get me is the Christmas mood. In fairness, it doesn't have to be a Christmas cake, Char's mince pies look amazing!

Pop some Christmas songs on your playlist. Nothing jazzes up a commute like Step Into Christmas.

Mulled wine, yo. 

Eat Christmas dinner. Get some friends over, buy some crackers, put some songs on, put their presents under the tree, make them some dinner (don't worry if you haven't got time for a roast; I made spag bol). I did this last week and it felt like the proper beginning of Christmas.

Give someone a present. Open a new tab and hand over some of that hard-earned cash to charidee. I read The Life You Can Save this year and it really motivated me to give more to charity. Their website is really good for finding out which charities will use your money wisely.

Don't try too hard. Relax. It'll come.*


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