Why I'm Having a Meat-Free Month (and How It's Going) #BEDN

Back in the midst of time, when I wrote my 30 Before 30 goals, I included 'seriously consider vegetarianism'. At the time I had only a vague reasoning behind this, simply that I'd always wondered if it was something I should do. With less than six months to go before the Big Day, the time has come to actually do it.

I'm having a meat-free month.

I'm not an animal person. Although I think I'd struggle to butcher a cow myself (they're MASSIVE) this isn't really about ethics or animal rights. For me this is more about the environmental impact of meat production. I'm really no expert (although I'm going to try and find out more) but my research thus far seems to suggest that raising animals for food leaves a massive carbon footprint, and just doesn't seem like a sustainable way for humans to feed themselves. Cutting down on the amount of meat I eat seems like the logical thing to do.

So why am I giving up meat altogether for a month? I feel like the only way I'm going to know which meat I really want in my diet is to go without all of it and then see what I really miss. Who knows, I might not miss it at all.

Three weeks in to the experiment and it's mostly going well, despite a few mishaps. Twice I managed to forget that I was being a vegetarian because I am clearly an idiot. There were another two occasions where I ate meat out of politeness (basically, we were visiting my fiance's family and I hadn't pre-warned them). I also ended up playing Vol-au-Vent Russian Rputlette (70s-themed party, dark room) but luckily got with the mushroom ones. Phew.

What do I think the outcome will be? I think it'll end up being a 'cut down' rather than 'become a fully-fledged vegetarian' situation. However, I haven't (so far) missed meat as much as I was anticipating, so we'll see...

Right, I'm off to finish watching Cowspiracy and eat an apple.*

If anyone has any suggestions for things I could read/watch about the environmental impact of eating meat/dairy then I'd be very grateful!

*By 'apple', I mean 'a tub of Ben and Jerry's'. You won't make a vegan of me (yet).

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