Three Positive Things, and the Power of Gratitude #BEDN

Years ago (well, maybe four years ago) I tried to start my own #3PositiveThings Twitter hashtag. As the name suggests, I tweeted three positive things that had happened that day (I was a mess four years ago, so it was a bit of a challenge!). The hashtag didn't catch on, but the concept stayed with me. Taking time to appreciate what you have can really make a difference to your outlook. Even on a Monday. Well, maybe on a Monday; Mondays are still tough no matter how darn grateful you are.

[I was going to include a cheesy Pinterest gratitude quote here but I decided not to. You can thank me later.]

In that spirit, I'm going to try and kick start my Monday by thinking of a few tiny things I've been grateful for over the last couple of days...

Autumn leaves and crisp, cool days (that allow me to wear my favourite new parka).

FOOD! All the food, all the time.
Specifically, Wagamana's chilli squid and what was probably my best lasagne to date.

Living close enough to London to be able to get the train in at the weekends and explore.

Making The Most Wonderful List of the Year (that's what I call my Christmas shopping list- because I'm cool).

I might even start the hastag again. WHO'S WITH ME? 

p.s. If you've only just found my blog via BEDN, I'd like to reassure you that I'm not usually this sickeningly positive. Also, hello!

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