Something New Every Week [2015: 19-44] #BEDN

First things first, hello fellow-BEDNers! *awkward wave*

Attempting Blog Every Day in May got me out of a blogging rut, so I'm trying again this month. We'll see how it goes! I'm hoping to use to discover some new blogs, even if I don't manage daily posting myself.

Onto the new things... One of my 30 Before 30 goals is to 'do something new every week'. I think I've pretty much managed that, but I've been terrible at posting about it (the last one was in May!). Here's my best attempt at catching up:

19: Cried about the results of a general election. They were not happy tears.

20: Worked in an office (as a volunteer for a mental health charity). Yes, I made it to 29 without ever working a day in an office!

 21: Had dinner at The Tudor Barn in Eltham.

22: Visited the super-Instagrammable flower 'shop' at Doniford Farm Park.

23: Introduced Pete to my lovely Norwegian friend Marta (and met her new man).

24: Saw Blur and Fleetwood Mac (at the Isle of Wight Festival). Also the first time I've been sick in a bush but that wasn't a highlight.

25: Had a journey home from a festival that included sunbathing on the beach!

 26: Said goodbye my Grandma.

27: Visited a project run by the charity I volunteer for.

28: Saw The Mentalists at the theatre.

29: Met our friends' new baby, Benjamin.

30: Went to Kos!

32: Went on a long-haul flight.... TO TOKYO!

33: Visited Nikko in Japan.

34: Made peanut butter brownies (and ate them on Pete's birthday).

35: Went to Dreamland in Margate.

36: Ate at Hood in  Streatham. This was essentially a posh Egg McMuffin (that's a good thing).
37: Went to On Blackheath (the most middle class festival EVER). Elbow and The Manics were ace.

38: Not sure if I did anything new! I suck!

39: Had takeaway from The Spice Merchant in Watchet (and viewed lots of wedding venues in Taunton!).

40: Stayed at Jenna's new house in Bristol.

41: Saw the new Macbeth film.

42: Went to a 70s-themed house warming (in appropriate attire).

43: Performed the shark song in front of EVERYONE (but more on that another time...).

44: Went to the Natural History Museum.

What's new with you?*


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