You Know You've Been Blogging for a Long Time When... still sometimes wish you had the body for disco pants.'ve watched your favourite bloggers get engaged, married and have kids (I'm looking at you, Gem).

...the fact that you've followed those blogs for so long makes you feel like a proper stalker. remember life/blogging before Instagram and Pinterest. know that ombre hair is so 2011. die a little bit inside whenever you see that a blogger's twitter handle ends in '99'. remember when Lily used to work in bakery (or am I imagining that?!) sometimes wonder what happened to Cats and Rocking Chairs. remember when bloggers used to be amazed when they got free stuff (I loved this old post of Sarah's that she linked back to recently). are easily able to resist buying a Garmin watch because you know that, like nail art and disco pants, the fitness thing is another blogger trend that will probably pass. That's my excuse anyway!


  1. I loved Cats and Rocking Chairs, where did she go?! Also I remember when it seemed like disco pants were never gonna go away, thank god that's over! :)

  2. I still like ombre hair though and I'm on a mission to grow mine long enough to play with ombre effects :) I'm just cool like that ;)

  3. Ha ha ha!! Yes, I too am an ancient blogger. I remember when they were making us transfer to Beta in 2006ish and we were all worried what it was!!!x


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