Harajuku, Tokyo: Crepes and Craziness

A few years ago someone bought me one of Gwen Stefani's 'Harajuku Girls' perfumes. I loved the quirkiness, but did feel like I was a little to old for it. That's pretty much how I felt about Harajuku IRL.

Harajuku is a small area of Tokyo that's crammed full of teenagers, amazing junk food and shops selling the most quirky/cute/bizarre clothing imaginable. It's totally overwhelming (in a good way). Takeshita [hehe] Dori is Harajuku's main shopping street and it is crammed (and I mean crammed) full of teenagers eating crepes, buying clothes and trying to spot themselves on screen (see below). I loved the snacking and people watching opportunities that it presented, but for shopping I preferred the vintage shops on Cat Street, which was only a five minute walk away.

Has anyone got the time?

What's that? You want a kimono for your dog? Your search is over!

Giant pick and mix! Those fried eggs were practically the size of actual fried eggs.

All of that was brilliant, but there was one thing that I particularly loved about Harajuku....dramatic pause....THE CREPES!!!

There were a few different crepe places, and they all seemed to have a similarly epic selection. I ended up having to go back to Harajuku at the end of my trip to finally get my hands on one, and I can confirm that it was worth waiting for (although I do wish that I gone back more than once!).

Yes, that crepe does have a bit of cheesecake inside it. Don't judge me. 

The whole area was so vibrant; I basically walked around with a stupid grin on my face the whole time. Harajuku was an area that confirmed my preconceptions of Tokyo, but there were definitely other parts of the city that surprised me... Next time! I know, I know, I'm such a tease...


  1. That's a crazy place! Makes me kind of wish I was going to Japan next summer! Takeshit?? Mwa ha ha!!!!x

  2. Wow! Ohmygosh, seriously visiting Tokyo is one of my biggest desires (I bought a fair amount of those Harajuku perfumes x5 each time round, plus various other limited editions). I've always loved Gwen Stefani and when she came out with her solo stuff it was heavily influenced by Harajuku.
    I am completely fascinated - amazing pics. Lol at the eggs.
    x x x

  3. It looks like one of those places that you have to see it to believe it but then only for 10 minutes before the crowds become too much!

  4. Oh wow, that place does look vibrant! I'd love to visit and would probably be grinning, too :)

    Corinne x


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