FMS Photo a Day: April and May 2015

I posted a few FMS Photo a Day pics on here before (about 2 years ago) then promptly gave up and forgot that the challenge existed. For the uninitiated, it's a photo a day challenge organised by Chantelle, aka Fat Mum Slim. Although I didn't manage one a day, I did upload quite a few in April and May this year (apologies for the repetition if you already follow me on Instagram)!

27: In My Bedroom
Chee-Chee's internet debut! My Grandad bought Chee-Chee for me when I was little and he's followed me on my numerous house moves ever since. FYI, he has a Geordie accent.

28: Prepare
Every single meal I cook from scratch starts off like this. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

29: I walked here
The path from the front door of my flats. Another gloriously sunny day, clearly.

30: Need
Tea. I always need tea. I love tea. TEA.

3: A Cup Of...
Cawfee. On an extremely instagram-able table. I felt like a proper twat taking this photo.

6: 10 O'Clock
Waiting for a train. Obviously. I went to a meeting about my new volunteer job and it went well. Yay!

9: Peaceful
Roath Park lake in Cardiff. I took this last summer when Pete and I were in Cardiff for Beth's wedding. I took Pete on a mini-tour of all my favourite bits of Cardiff and we had the perfect weather for it. Such an awesome day.

13: Hands
This picture freaks me out.

28: Pink
We came across this bad boy when clearing my Grandma's house. It is hideously pink, and massive. I won it in a raffle at school when I was 5. My Mum was thrilled for me (not).

30: Over There...
The view from a walk in Somerset. Somerset: so beautiful yet so oppressive (to me)!

31: Ha Ha Ha
No shit.


  1. Ha, this is funny! You are always so witty, I never fail to smile!x

  2. Chee Chee is a cutie!
    Anything remotely instagrammable makes me feel like a twat! I still take the photo and relish in my twat-ness.

    ~ K


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