[2015: 22] The Week With The...

Cliff-top walk. You know you're getting old when you limit your bank holiday Sunday drinking (stopping after two tequilas) so you can go on a day trip to Eastbourne on the Monday. Walking, tea drinking and cake eating. Classic bank holiday fodder.

Half term catch ups. School holidays always provide the best opportunities for a good catch up. This week I managed to get down to Somerset for four days, where I hung out with my parents and my awesome friend Kirsty (and her equally awesome sister and boyfriend). I have mixed feelings about Somerset; I really miss being near my family and friends, and it's such a beautiful area... but I have serious doubts about whether I could live there again full time. But we can talk about that another time! While I was there I saw the...

Terrifying turkey! The terrifying turkey (who lives on a farm near my parents' house) probably merits it's own post (I'm that scared of it). Look at that creepy neck!!!

End of Blog Every Day in May. Yesterday was the end of May and, therefore, the end of BEDM (obviously). I'm really glad I took part; it's encouraged me to post loads, discover new blogs and engage more with other lovely bloggers (I posted about what I've learned from it here).


  1. Oh wow, that turkey does look terrifying.

  2. Doom on the turkey.

    I've started cutting out alcohol to do adult stuff too, haha! Crazy.

    Corinne x

  3. That turkey looks like it's plotting something evil!

  4. Awwww, poor turkey!!! I always feel sorry for ugly animals! A friend did tell me that they can be pretty mean though! X


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