Photo An Hour [23.05.2015] #BEDM

Every month I see that Louisa and Jane are organising a Photo An Hour day, and every month I forget to participate. Not this time! I can't believe I actually remembered... 

Unfortunately Saturday was the first day of half term, which meant that I wasn't in great shape after the previous evening's post-work drinks. It was, therefore, not the most active day I've ever had! Anyway, here's what happened:

10.30: Still hiding under my duvet.

11.30: I made it as far as the sofa! Beans on toast for breakfast. Obviously I kept the beans separate, because otherwise they go everywhere, and the toast gets soggy... I clearly have bean issues. I'm going to stop talking now.

[I forgot to take a photo at 12.30. Must have been too busy sitting on the sofa.]

1.30: I got off the sofa! Well, I opened the patio door, admired our hanging basket, then sat back down again. Proactive, right?

2.30: A late lunch/very early dinner. Pete was going out in the evening so he wanted to eat beforehand. This meant that he whipped up the world's biggest pasta bolognese. That's why I like him.

3.30: The view from my washing up bowl. The corkscrew sexpot is called Vince, and he is the Best Secret Santa Present Ever.

4.30: I LEFT THE HOUSE!!! I was feeling much better by this point (the pasta revived me) so I put my headphones in (naturally) and headed out for a walk. First stop: Crystal Palace Park.

5.30: The always-lovely Brockwell Park. One day I will actually go to the lido there.

6.30: I stopped in M&S on the way home in search of reduced stuff (keeping it classy). My 35p flowers are still going strong!

7.30: How did it take me until 7.30 to photograph a cup of tea?!

8.30 and 9.30: Eurovision and twitter seriously are a match made in heaven.

10.30: Kindle time!

I really enjoyed doing Photo An Hour, I will most definitely be joining in again (if I remember). If you also joined in please leave me your link so I can have a nosy!


  1. I also have to keep my beans separate for beans on toast! SOGGY TOAST IS WRONG!

    I took part too, here :) x

    1. Exactly! You've got to stay in control! x

  2. I love soggy toast! Sorry!
    I loved Eurovision, it was brilliant!!
    I've always wanted to go to Brockwell park Lido, you should definitely go!!
    I've only remembered to take part in this once!x

    1. You love soggy toast?! We can't be friends anymore, sorry. x

  3. Oh wow - I've never had beans on toast because I don't like soggy toast. May have to give this a go! :) x

  4. Yep, Twitter makes Eurovision 1000% more fun (and it's fun in the first place, so...)

    1. Exactly... MEGA FUN. They are two of my favourite things! x

  5. Sometimes I think the most inventive Photo an Hour posts are the ones where you have to take them while staying in for most of the day! :)

    Thanks for joining in! (And I'm replying to your email tonight, I promise!)


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