Five Things I'm Already Good At #BEDM

Positive self-talk is definitely something I need to do more of, so the BEDM prompt 'Self-Care Sunday' feels like a good time to try this. Sarah wrote an anti-New Year's resolutions list of things she's already good at and I wanted to give it a go. This feels incredibly uncomfortable but I suppose that means I really need to do it! I'm going to take encouragement from this brilliant post about people's reactions to self-praise and just tell you all about how ace I am (ahem).

I am good at:

Making rocky road. This was an easy one to come up with; even my self-deprecating tendencies can't ignore the praise I get for my rocky road. One of my colleagues even claims to have (literally) dreamed about it. Luckily for me I seem to have found a 'signature bake' that basically involves melting stuff and stirring. Brilliant.

Being silly. For someone who worries too much about what other people think, I am very good at acting like an idiot. I love fancy dress, I love dancing (if you can all it that), I love laughing until I can't breathe, I love showing off. The best thing about all this? I do a job where all this is actually an asset.

One of the many, many 'silly' photos I had to choose from...

Throwing myself into things (not literally). I don't do things by halves. This doesn't mean I'm good at everything, but I am most definitely enthusiastic!

Spending time alone. I'm very, very comfortable with alone-time. I like my own company and one of the things I'm most proud of is that I've been brave enough to travel solo (once to Russia and the Baltics, and once to Poland and Berlin). The sense of self-reliance these trips gave me was amazing.

During my solo trip to Berlin.

Planning. I love lists, diaries, countdown apps... Basically anything that allows me to get excited about things that are coming up in the future. Despite my best efforts, I will never be a 'go with the flow' kind of person. But that's ok, because it means that I'm good at getting things done.

It was really difficult to not accompany everything with a comment along the lines of 'but some people find it annoying/but it's not always a good thing/but I could improve'. Being nice to myself and posting a photo of my face... This post is a big deal for me!

(Janet and Louisa also wrote similar lists if you're curious...)


  1. YES to the planning one! I did a happy little dance when Thomas said he'd take me away for my birthday... not at the idea of a weekend away, but quite genuinely at the idea of planning it.

  2. You are very good at lots of things! Wish I was good at planning- my husband and I are terrible- we seem to get to the weekend and go, "Er....?"-mind you we do some great things impromptually! x

    1. Sometimes I wish I was a bit more spontaneous! x


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