[2015: 19] The Week With The... #BEDM

Post-election emotional rollercoaster. Shock then sadness then anger then resolve then sadness again... It's been fun. I'm determined to be more proactive from now on.

Mental health rant. Inspired by the aforementioned post-election rage, I finally got round to writing and posting my 'seriously now guys, we need to invest in mental health services rant' (although I went for a different title in the end!). I'm really glad I wrote it, I've had some very positive responses. Still terrified by the reality of health cuts though.

Realisation that I'm getting on a bit. Grey hairs, eye wrinkles, engagement drinks (not mine), pregnant friends, conversations about The Future... It's filling me with both excitement and fear. Emotionally unstable, moi?

Beginning of my #PostCircle odyssey. I managed to get my first Post Circle letter sent off, and I'm looking forward to sending more. Go Team Bank Vole!

Ridiculous soaking. I'm sure that when you're driving near puddles it may occasionally be unavoidable to splash a pedestrian. This, however, was freaking ridiculous. NB: The phrase I shouted at the time did not include the word 'freaking'.


  1. I'm getting on a bit too and freaking out on a regular basis.

    Corinne x

  2. Some people DELIBERATELY splash! They do, they do they do!!!
    I had to sit through a proms concert in London once in completely sodden jumper and trousers (and underwear) thanks to evil red bus driver who completely saturated me!x

    1. Argh, it's so annoying! People are idiots sometimes... x


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