Green Chaining II [Crystal Palace Park to Dulwich]

After a (stupidly long) break we decided that it was time to continue with the Green Chain odyssey. In a nutshell, the Green Chain is a series of well-signposted walks through SE London's green spaces. It's great for discovering hidden gems, new areas, and new bits of old areas (if you know what I mean).

I'm going to let the photos do the talking. That's definitely not because I can't be bothered to write more words. Definitely not.

It's me! Walking!

Disused railway paraphernalia makes me happy.

Cool houses/shelters in Dulwich Park.

There we have it. I'd say that there will be more Green Chain action coming soon, but realistically I'll probably forget all about it for another six months. Life is, as usual, busy. I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Busy life is good. If it wasn't, you'd have little to write about, I suppose.

  2. What a cool looking place, you got some great pictures :)


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