2014 in 14 Photos

It's still January, so it's perfectly acceptable for me to still be posting about 2014, ALRIGHT? OK, glad we've cleared the air. Photos!

Vodka + fox puppet + Vern + One Direction + onesie = this, apparently

Copenhagen has outdoor trampolines, who knew?

I went back to Norway (and found another lake).

Arcade Fire were perfect.

No caption needed.

Greenwich in the sun.

The first wedding of many (well, three).

Camping can be immeasurably improved by marshmallows and a tiny BBQ.


Beth's wedding!

I can't believe this actually, finally happened.

Montserrat was awesome, in the true sense of the word. And in the 'it was really good' sense.


I am a lucky little sausage.

[I've just realised that I've already done a 'Best Bits of 2014' post. Ah well, it's done now. Sorry.]


  1. Grrr, I wrote a whole comment that disappeared so apologies if you end up with double comments! Anyway, I was saying that I never spied the outdoor trampolines in Copenhagen - gutted!

    Also, OT and possible not appropriate, but can I just say how much I appreciate that you post photos that show your scarred arms? I go through phases of being self-conscious of mine so it's good to see images of other people, it makes me feel less weird I suppose.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful year filled with lots of fun things to do! Here's hoping 2015 is the same for you x


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