An insight into my 9 year old brain.

Once a year I get to make my favourite list (yes, I have a favourite list). This is the list of the Christmas presents I'm giving; clearly I am an incredibly kind and generous person (ahem). I am fanatical about adhering to tradition, especially at Christmas time, so I always write the list in the same red notebook. 

Look! It's so neat!
(It's an old one, real life chums!)

The best thing about this notebook is that I've had it for (gulp) about 20 years now, so it contains some stuff that I wrote when I was 9... This stuff is brilliant, it's basically a direct insight into my psychological make up. I present to you my 9 year old brain...

A request for a Ryan Giggs poster. You will notice that this is, in fact, a rough copy. Yes, I wrote rough copies in my own free time. Just in case I got graded? Probably.

A letter to my cousin (another rough copy). This is a nice indication of my sporting prowess. In the letter, I tell my cousin that I will be competing in the 'area sports day'; an event where kids from all the local primary schools met to compete and show off their sporting skills. Unfortunately, 'I am in the welly boot race'. Says it all. 

I love this. I think this must be from when I was about 10, and had just started reading The Babysitters' Club books. It's my attempt at fan fiction. To be fair, it's not really any worse than the actual BSC books. I can't think of an adjective. Let's just say that anyone who's read this recently has creased up with laughter. I had written myself out a timetable. Not for homework or anything, just because I wanted to. It features items such as 'Kripton [sic] Factor', 'brush teeth' and 'watch Sooty while having tea'. Incredible. Is it a coincidence that I now work with children with autism? I think must make me very empathetic towards them, or something!

Wow. I was one neurotic, obsessively organised, affirmation-needing child; essentially I was a (very) young Mark Corrigan. My overall conclusion? I was brilliant then, and I'm brilliant now. Hey, at least I've stayed true to myself!


  1. This is brilliant! I think child Liz and child Janet would have for on well, I also liked writing timetables for my free time. I also keep Christmas lists of what I plan to/ do buy for people, but I love the idea of keeping them all in the same notebook (I do an annual excel file. I was genuinely distraught when I accidentally overwrote 2011's lists, so they're gone forever)

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only person who does this! I started a notebook when I was 11 to record all the gifts I was giving and I remember counting all the pages and thinking ooh, that'll last me til 2006 (which of course, seemed like a lifetime away). It's interesting to look back and see different names come and go as well! :-) xx


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