12 Lists of Christmas: 4 Epic Christmas Films

Everyone loves a Christmas film, right? Well, no, but I do. So much so, that I can't narrow my choice down to just one. The festive season is an emotional roller coaster (kind of) so you've got to have a film for every mood. With that in mind, here's my personal favourites:

Best heart-warming Christmas singalong: The Muppets' Christmas Carol. This has already been on this year, to accompany the first of my present wrapping sessions. I love how they work a lot of the actual lines from the book into the dialogue, and I find it genuinely funny. It's not really the best performance of Michael Caine's career, but nothing's perfect. 

Most meaningful (for me) Christmas film: The Snowman. When I think of The Snowman, I immediately picture myself lying on fluffy rug in my grandparents' house in front of the fire, with a plate of turkey rolls and coleslaw, settling down to watch The Snowman on Christmas Day afternoon. I love the dancing scene, especially the snowman in the kilt... I don't know why. Must ask my therapist what she thinks (joking, that would be a waste of precious NHS resources).

The best worst Christmas film: Jingle All The Way. I love a terrible Arnie film (one day I'll wax lyrical on here about Hercules in New York) and this definitely fits the bill. That's all there is to say really; if you can appreciate it in a 'so bad it's good' kind of way, then it's an easy bit of festive comic relief.

My actual most favourite Christmas film ever: Santa Claus The Movie. I can't remember exactly when it started, but I've watched this film every Christmas Eve since I was a kid. Dudley Moore plays a blinder as an elf who leaves the North Pole after a disagreement with Santa, but my favourite part of the film is John Lithgow's performance as the evil CEO of a toy company. His enraged, 'For Frrrrreeeeeeeee?!' alone would probably be enough to put the film on this list. Admittedly, his (brilliant) performance in season four of Dexter has made me a little terrified of him, but that kind of adds to the effect.

Actually, has John Lithgow ever played the good guy? Genuine question, my film knowledge is terrible.


  1. Muppet Christmas Carol is my fave too, there's nothing quite like it for feeling Christmassy. I also love The Family Stone (although it requires many tissues for the final scene).

  2. you can't be Santa claus the movie!! hahaa great post bunny!xo

  3. I would be here all day if I had to list my favourite Christmas films but of course, the Santa Clause, and Home Alone. Wait don't forget Toy Story

  4. What about Dick Solomons in '3rd Rock from the Sun'? Not sure if that'd be classed as the good guy or not really; he is definitely better at playing the bad guy though.
    My fave Christmas films have to be The Nightmare Before Christmas, Muppet Christmas Carol and Arthur. :-) xx


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