The Plan, Cardiff.

About a year ago I tried to start a Cake and Tea themed blog. I posted twice but then quickly realised that I didn't have the time, energy or motivation to keep it up! I'm going to delete the other blog, so before that happens I'll be transferring over the posts that I actually did manage to write. 

Do you ever go somewhere that you really want to love? The Plan definitely fell into this category for me. Independent cafe, quirky design, situated in my favourite shopping arcade... In theory, it has it all.

Despite living in Cardiff for five years, and being a frequent visitor these days, I'd never been in The Plan until I popped in after the Cardiff Blogger Meet last April. I was drawn in by the quirky building and I really liked the decor inside...

I ordered a cream tea (obviously) and sat back with my textbooks... There was a choice of tea, and I loved the Earl Grey that I had. The scone itself was, annoyingly, a little disappointing, as was the cream which wasn't clotted. Boo. On the positive side, the staff were lovely and didn't seem to mind me loitering once I'd finished my tea. To be fair, I do generally finish my tea pretty quickly.

I didn't get to try any of the food, but the menu did look good. The prices were pretty reasonable for city centre, too.

Scores on the doors:

Tea: 9/10 (Decent choice.)
Cake: 5/10 (Tasted OK, but the cream and jam were disappointing.)
Service/Facilities: 9/10 (Friendly staff and quick service.)
Value for money: 7/10
Setting: 8/10 
Uniqueness: 8/10

I wanted to love it... But life is too short for slightly disappointing scones.

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