Sexy Selfies.


My new phone has one of those front-facing cameras. I know that everyone else has had this on their phone for years, but I'm still in a 'OMG THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN MY BLACKBERRY' happiness haze. Anyway, the main by-product of my new phone ownership (apart from my instagram obsession) has been selfies. A whole lot of selfies.


I love this lady (to be fair, she ain't no lady). Shameful secret: I kinda loved Beth's Disney Princess theme.

This isn't a flattering photo of any of us, but it was the first time in years that all of us uni lot had been in the same place for I love it.

My Mummy and me in Greenwich.

No words can do this photo justice.

I think you're probably sick of my face by now, but I think you'll all agree it is pretty darn sexy.

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  1. These made me laugh so much! They are brilliant! Everyone should have photos like this to put a smile on your face x


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