The Things I'm Currently Excited About [52 Lists]

I was going to try and write the 'my dreams for the future' list, but it felt way too personal to put online. I could have lied and been a bit more lighthearted with it, but what's the point in that? So I wimped out and decided to do this list instead!

The summer holidays. My job is sometimes often exhausting, and I'm really looking forward to having an extended break to recharge my batteries. There's so many little things going on in the five week break that it could really be a post in itself. It probably will be (if I can be bothered). But the thing I'm most looking forward to is...

Being a bridesmaid for Beth! If it's anything like as much fun as the hen do, it's going to be awesome. As long as I don't fall over walking up the aisle..!

Starting my masters. I know it's going to be ridiculously hard work, but I'm so excited about having something to work towards, and being able to push myself outside of work.

Being able to drive. I'm taking my driving test in August. I'd bloody love to past first time, but I'm not holding my breath (I do tend to get a wee bit anxious about things!). Having said that, I can basically drive, so I know that I'll pass my test at some point, and I really cannot wait. I want the freedom and the flexibility I'll get from being able to drive. Also, it's been six years (!!!) since I first started having driving lessons (I had a five year period with no lessons) so I feel like I've been waiting a loooooong time...

Seeing The Libertines (and Johnny Marr and The Horrors and Band of Skulls...) It's no secret that I love a good gig, and The Libertines will be extra exciting because I just didn't expect to ever be able to see them again.

Christmas! I am always excited about Christmas. Christmas is brilliant. It's the only incentive I have not to go into hibernation this winter.



  1. I'm excited about you being a bridesmaid too! :) x

  2. Hooray for summer holidays! I'm a week into mine and already remembering why I like teaching: the time off! I've got so much done this week AND been able to relax and enjoy the weather. I hope your break is a good one :)


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