London: The Shard.

Having bought the tickets for Pete's birthday last August, we finally got around to using them last month. We'd been waiting for perfect weather but in the end we just decided to get on with it and go... Luckily it did turn out to be (pretty much) perfect weather.

We went about half an hour before sunset, so we got to see the view in the light and the dark. This was a great idea, but I feel the need to confess that this wasn't actually our idea. One of Pete's friends told us to do it. We are not clever enough to think of stuff like that.

The photo quality is marred by the fact that we were behind glass. Obviously.

Look, it's light!

It's still light!

Ooh, it's getting dark...

It's dark! Look at the pretty lights!

We found our house! Well, not our house, but the Crystal Palace transmitter, which is near our house. Please note the extremely high quality photo that we managed to take...

The interactive telescope-type things were, to be honest, a bit shit. Cue 'awkward pretending to be interested in something' photograph:

Without wishing to state the obvious, the Shard is really bloody high. I mean, I knew it was high, but when you go up there you realise that it's FUCKING HIGH. It made London look like a tiny Lego town. This obviously made me very happy, because I love both London and Lego. I also enjoyed watching the trains far, far too much. Yep. I think this would be a good place for me to stop. Bye!

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