Dunkery Beacon and Selworthy

I went back to Somerset (back home?) a few weeks ago, and we decided to try and do a couple of new things. Well, in my case, things I hadn't done for years. 

First up, Dunkery Beacon. This place seemed to be a favourite of my geography teachers, because I can remember going on at least four field trips here. This visit felt quite different though, mostly because I wasn't wearing a waterproof coat that was wetter on the inside than on the outside. Ah, memories. Anyway, photos!

The next day we went to Selworthy. I was particularly excited about this, because my Mum had promised me that there was an excellent cream tea waiting for us at the bottom of the hill.

The view from the top of North Hill, Minehead.

Walking through the wood towards our cream tea...

The tearooms were insane. Insane in a good way (like me). They looked like something from the front of a chocolate box...

I would have included a picture of my cream tea but I'm pretty sure that the last thing this blog needs is another picture of a cream tea!

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