The South Bank, London (and more #FMSphotoaday).

Pretending to be a lovely person is hard work, isn't it?

I spent the weekend helping to entertain my boyfriend's parents. I actually had a really awesome weekend, and we did loads, but I always find it pretty exhausting to be constantly lovely and kind and funny and attentive and polite and... You know the deal. 

Anyway, that's my excuse for not posting my #FMSphotoaday over the weekend!


These upsidedown plant pots were hanging up on the South Bank. I have a lot of love for the South Bank, especially when the weather's good. I really like the fact that the outdoor exhibitions change quite frequently, so you can usually catch something brand new (this is especially good when you're doing the tourist trail with visitors... I'm kinda bored of Covent Garden now). We spent Saturday afternoon on the South Bank, and I got a bit snap happy. 

Here's some more of what I saw:

From a massive mural on the wall of the South Bank Centre.

These signs were up everywhere. I was so happy to capture this perfectly-placed couple! 

We actually went on this. It goes up really, really high, so the views are good, and it was actually much less scary than Boris' cable cars! It was £7.50, which I actually thought was a bargain... Maybe I've been in London too long?!

Right, enough South Bank, let's get back to the rest of my #FMSphotoaday attempts.

'Made by me'

Shamefully, this cup of tea was the only thing I made on Sunday. I do flipping love tea though.

'On the wall'

I try to...


  1. I love when towns/cities just do random pop up events xx

  2. I love south bank!
    I really like that they change it all the time.



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