Ooooh, dinosaurs! // Crystal Palace Park, London

My #FMSphotoaday attempts have fallen to the wayside a little, oops! I might dip back into it occasionally, but I do find that forcing myself to post every day kinda takes the fun out of blogging... I stared at the blank 'new post' page for about 10 minutes before I started typing this, so clearly I have absolutely profound to say! Instead of witty insights, I'm giving you dinosaurs...

These beauties are all at Crystal Palace park. Pretty cool, non? They were thought to be life-size when they were first created, but as you can see they really aren't. They're still pretty big though. Crystal Palace park is a bit of a recent discovery for me... They also have a city farm. Best of all, I can walk there from my house.

Right, I'm off to sort my life out. First task: ring up about driving lessons. I'm scared.

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  1. I so want to go to Crystal Palace, there's a GGUK maze there as well, I think! :)


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