Life Lately

I think I might have stolen this post title from someone else... Apologies if it's you. 

My posting has gotten a bit sporadic again, I just can't seem to settle into a routine with blogging at the moment. It's not exactly that I don't have the time, more that I don't have the motivation and I seem to be constantly forgetting my camera when I do go to interesting places! 

In the last couple of weeks, I have:
Been to the London Tattoo Convention (but I didn't get tattooed).
Cycled through (a tiny bit of) the New Forest. 
Eaten a cream tea, or two.
Revisited the Pizza Bus, and the Players Bar in Charing Cross.

I wanted to share this picture of Hampstead Villiage that I took a few weeks ago... Where has the sun gone?!

Sorry this post is so scatty, but that's kind of where my brain is at right now! Right, I'm off to watch Peep Show.

I'm going to try and get some of my Isles of Scilly posts up at the weekend... I might even post on my Cake and Tea Blog. Maybe!

See you later, alligators.

Online Dating: Sharing My 'Wisdom'

[photo credit]

I'll admit it: I've tried online dating. Not only have I tried it, I've met someone awesome online. I really don't think it's even that embarrassing anymore; I know loads of people who have met their boyfriends/girlfriends/fiances through online dating. Besides, if you've finished uni and there's no-one suitable at work, how exactly are you supposed to find a new partner without getting online?

I did the online thing for around four months (on and off) before I met my boyfriend. I've been thinking about doing a blog post about online dating for a while, so here it is...

How do you work up the nerve to get started?
Window shop! This is a bit sad really, but for about two months before I even created a profile, I searched dating sites just to see if there was anyone out there that I even wanted to meet up with. When I started to feel like I actually wanted to start sending out messages, I bit the bullet and made my profile (I might have been a little bit drunk at the time).

What should I put on my profile?
This sounds stupid, but something. Unless you are smokin' hot, you're probably not going to get many messages by writing, 'I hate writing profiles, message me to find out more' and leaving it at that. A list of facts (some important, some funny, some weird) about yourself will do. Put up a decent, but not the best photo of you that's ever been taken. Better to pleasantly surprise rather than slightly disappoint when it comes to actually meeting someone.

Don't you end up getting loads of messages from creepy men?
YES. Especially if you're on a free website. In fact, this is one of the most hilariously terrible/brilliant things about online dating. Laugh, delete, continue.

How long should you wait until meeting up with someone?
Personally, I think a week or two is fine. I wouldn't want to invest loads of time in messaging someone I've never even met. That said, it also depends on where you live, because I guess if you're having to travel 100 miles for a date you might want to wait until you know them a bit better. I've always felt perfectly safe on dates, but it's worth remembering that you are meeting a complete stranger, so be safe, yeah?

What if I go on a date and it's a complete disaster?
Leave. Turn the whole thing into a hilarious anecdote for friends/colleagues/twitter.

Any online dating success stories/disasters you want to share with me? Please share, I wanna hear your thoughts on this!

[insert alliterative title about blog posts I liked this week]

Loved this window front from Oh Happy Day. I'd like to do something similar at work... Also, the colours make my tiny brain happy.

Gem posted about the Pizza Bus in Deptford! I love that pizza-y bus. And not just because it's cool... I genuinely love pizza and transport. 

This Yes and Yes post about ways to get creative with all the records, books and scarves you find in charity shops.

Catherine started up this year's #OperationBlogger tag for Operation Christmas Child. Here's my post from last year.

Ever looked for a house share in London? Laugh in bitter recognition at Rachel's account of her search. The photos made me belly laugh. To myself. Alone in my room. Must get out more.

Link me up with more goodness from t'internet, please!

Ooooh, dinosaurs! // Crystal Palace Park, London

My #FMSphotoaday attempts have fallen to the wayside a little, oops! I might dip back into it occasionally, but I do find that forcing myself to post every day kinda takes the fun out of blogging... I stared at the blank 'new post' page for about 10 minutes before I started typing this, so clearly I have absolutely profound to say! Instead of witty insights, I'm giving you dinosaurs...

These beauties are all at Crystal Palace park. Pretty cool, non? They were thought to be life-size when they were first created, but as you can see they really aren't. They're still pretty big though. Crystal Palace park is a bit of a recent discovery for me... They also have a city farm. Best of all, I can walk there from my house.

Right, I'm off to sort my life out. First task: ring up about driving lessons. I'm scared.

The South Bank, London (and more #FMSphotoaday).

Pretending to be a lovely person is hard work, isn't it?

I spent the weekend helping to entertain my boyfriend's parents. I actually had a really awesome weekend, and we did loads, but I always find it pretty exhausting to be constantly lovely and kind and funny and attentive and polite and... You know the deal. 

Anyway, that's my excuse for not posting my #FMSphotoaday over the weekend!


These upsidedown plant pots were hanging up on the South Bank. I have a lot of love for the South Bank, especially when the weather's good. I really like the fact that the outdoor exhibitions change quite frequently, so you can usually catch something brand new (this is especially good when you're doing the tourist trail with visitors... I'm kinda bored of Covent Garden now). We spent Saturday afternoon on the South Bank, and I got a bit snap happy. 

Here's some more of what I saw:

From a massive mural on the wall of the South Bank Centre.

These signs were up everywhere. I was so happy to capture this perfectly-placed couple! 

We actually went on this. It goes up really, really high, so the views are good, and it was actually much less scary than Boris' cable cars! It was £7.50, which I actually thought was a bargain... Maybe I've been in London too long?!

Right, enough South Bank, let's get back to the rest of my #FMSphotoaday attempts.

'Made by me'

Shamefully, this cup of tea was the only thing I made on Sunday. I do flipping love tea though.

'On the wall'

I try to...

Here Forever // #FMSphotoaday

'Here Forever'

My bird tattoo. Obviously it's not actually going to be here forever, but it'll probably be here for as long as I am! This was my first tattoo. It took me a while to work up the nerve to get it, but I was so glad when I did. A few people have said they think the second bird looks like a bat, and to be honest I think they're kind of right, but I love it anyway. I'm going to the London Tattoo Convention at the end of the month, so I might have some new ink very soon...

Alone // #FMSphotoaday


Whenever I'm walking alone, I have my headphones in. In fact, I'm pretty surprised that they haven't become permanently attached to my ears. This morning I was listening to Editors, because I'm going to see them in November, yay! They were one of the bands that I loved when I was a super cool still pretty geeky indie kid in 2005. I'm super happy that they've got a great new album out, and I'm really looking forward to the gig.

Today's photo prompt is quite appropriate for me, because I'm essentially a bit of a recluse. Some people feel energised after spending time with others, I feel energised after spending time alone. Introverts are awesome.

Lines // #FMSphotoaday


This is today's page from my Five Year Diary. I got it from Beth for my birthday (she blogged about her's here). Each day contains a question, and a few lines to write down your answer. The idea is that you work through the diary for five years, so you can compare how your answers change over time. It's such a great idea, and it's the only diary I've ever had that I actually remember to write in every day!

Today's been a busy one.. First day back at work, then a swim (and dinner with friends later on). I wanted to take a photo of the swimming pool lanes for today's picture, but I'm pretty sure that taking photos in a public pool is frowned upon. 

A couple of people asked me about the lasange sandwich I mentioned in yesterday's post. It's exactly what it sounds like; leftover lasagne in between slices of bread. I used fancy tomato bread if that makes it any better? I don't think it does really, does it?! Please, someone tell me I'm not the only one...

My Name Begins With... // #FMSphotoaday

'My name begins with...'

Not many points for original thinking, granted, but I am a bit of a Scrabble fiend so it seemed pretty apt. I'm one of those irritating people who have to clarify all the rules before I start playing. And don't even get me started on people who think that using proper nouns is a good idea... I used to play Scrabble with my grandparents a lot, and I miss it... You don't know what you've got until it's gone and all that jazz.

Anyway. Today's my final day of the summer holidays (I work in a school, I'm not 14), so I'm having a chill out day. Spinning this morning, now a blog catch up, later some sewing. I am so freaking rock and roll. In other news, I just ate a lasagne sandwich. I know, I know, I'm a pioneer...

Together // #FMSphotoaday

Let's face it, I've been a bit of a rubbish blogger lately. I need to get back into the habit of posting regularly, so...

This month I'm going to be doing the Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge. Basically, you have to take photo every day, and it has to relate to the prompt word given. Yesterday's was 'Together'. Here's my photo:

My wellies that I bought for Reading Festival. Seeing as tomorrow is 'back to school' day, I wanted to pick something that reminded me of what an awesome summer it's been. Reading was basically a weekend of listening to some of my favourite music with some of my favourite people. And I didn't even feel that old...

Are you doing the Photo A Day challenge? Send me your links please!