Weekend Wanderlust: Vis Island, Croatia.

We spent two nights on Vis, which is one of the less touristy islands. It took just over two hours by ferry from Split, and buying the tickets was easy. Although Vis town itself was quite busy, it didn't take long to find secluded spots.  I'm going to mostly let the pictures do the talking here, because the scenery was seriously beautiful.  We didn't do an organised tour or anything, we just walked from Vis town. Here's what we saw:

The streets had a real Mediterranean feel about them (probably something to do with being in the Mediterranean). I felt like I was walking through an olive oil advert.

Look how clear the water is! Amazing for snorkeling...

Just, wow... I don't think most of those pictures even need a caption (lazy blogger alert...).

*FOOD KLAXON* If you go to Vis, get a pizza at the Karijola Pizzeria. Mmmm, pizza...

Next week: Brac Island. 

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  1. This looks like such a beautiful place! x


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