Weekend Wanderlust: Split, Croatia

I got back Croatia on Tuesday and, well, it was rather awesome. I've split (HAHA) my photos up into three posts, starting with Split. 

We started and ended our trip in Split, using it as a base to explore some of the nearby islands. It's quite a compact city and it's really easy to travel in and out of, because the bus station, train station and ferry port are all in the same place. I wasn't really expecting much from Split (I was more excited about the islands) but I was pleasantly surprised by the city.

The most famous part of Split is probably Diocletian's Palace, or 'the Roman bit' as I like to call it. Most of the roman walls are still intact, and the area is a maze of alleyways filled with little shops, bars and restaurants. Definitely worth getting lost in.

I wasn't really expecting Split to have any decent beaches (although, to be fair, my pre-holiday research was a bit rubbish). We spent the afternoon at the beach and I was really impressed by the clarity of the water (and the lemon beer at the bar). I'm not sure of the name of the beach we went to (google isn't helping) but it was the one nearest the port. It was busy, but I reckon if you're willing to walk a tiny bit further you could find something a bit quieter. 

On the last evening of our trip, we walked up Marjan hill to check out the views over Split. The park area looks pretty massive, but we were short on time so we just ventured to the first viewing area. Added bonus: there's a bar there so you can have a drink and look over the city (and stop sweating after climbing up all the steps!).

Next weekend: Vis.


  1. That last photo is so pretty! Looks like an amazing place x

  2. I'm going to Croatia in September for Unknown Festival after reading this post I'm even more excited for it!

    Efia @ Effy Talks Life



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