Nine Of My Worst Habits

Completing about 90% of a task, then getting distracted before I can finish it properly. As I type this, I'm supposed to be packing for my holiday....

Snoring, starfish-ing, hogging the duvet, being impossible to wake up.... I am, essentially, a terrible person to share a bed with.

Laughing at inappropriate times. Usually when someone is telling me a story about their sick/dead pet. I know, I'm going straight to hell. 

Being completely unable to respond to compliments in an appropriate way. 

Singing whatever crappy song is currently on a loop in my head (not only that, singing the same two or three lines over and over again...). Right now it's, 'Sipping on coke and rum, I'm like so what I'm drunk, it's the freaking weekend baby I'm about to have me some fun....'

Being a massive pedant, and going on about it when I'm right about something. I cannot stop myself. I was a precocious child and I never really lost my love of being a know it all

I think these are my worst habits anyway. There's probably a whole load of other shit that I'm not even aware of... But it's ok, I'm still pretty much awesome.


  1. I might copy you in this instance and blog about my worst habits... I share your pain about not being able to respond to a compliment appropriately! x

  2. I share all of these except the snoring thank goodness haha!

    Efia @ Effy Talks Life


  3. Great post :) I'm terrible for not finishing things, I start something else all the time and end up with 10 unfinished jobs. Half a job bob me. x


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